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    In the cabinet, the main function of the hinge is to connect the cabinet door and the cabinet body, so that the cabinet door can be opened and closed smoothly.

  • What makes it unique

    Let me show you

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    Easy adjustment

    efficient installation

    The cabinet door is adjusted 0-25mm.

    The front and rear of the cabinet door are adjusted 0-7mm.

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    Multilayer process


    The rust resistance is strengthened, and the cold-rolled steel has good toughness and is more durable.

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    Super load-bearing force


    75KG super load-bearing, solid and stable, long-term use without deformation.

  • Their classification

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    Full cover hinge

    The full cover hinge is also called straight bend and straight arm, and the door panel all covers the phase side panel, and there is a gap between the two.

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    Inlaid hinge

    The built-in hinge is also called the big bend and the big arm. The cabinet door is hidden in the cabinet and is flush with the side panel. It is also necessary to leave a gap so that the door can be opened smoothly, which requires the use of a hinge with a very curved hinge arm.

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    Half-cover hinge

    Half cover hinge, also known as the middle bend, forearm, two doors share a side panel, there needs to be a minimum gap between them, so the hinge arm bend needs to be used, the door will reveal half the cabinet side panel, the opening amplitude is slightly larger than the full cover.

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    Material: cold rolled steel

    Installation mode: solid installation

    Material thickness: 1-1.2mm

    Opening Angle: 90-110°

    Hinge cup diameter: 35mm

    Cup depth: 11.5mm

    Cover adjustment: 0-6mm

    Door K value: 3-8mm

    Door cover: 7-25mm

    Characteristics: one stage force, two stage force

    Color: nickel plated, zinc with gold gun black, bronze

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    Bi-Fold LiftingSystem (HF)

    The upturning folding door with lifting system is not only suitable for the kitchen, balcony and other Spaces of the family house, but also widely used in commercial places, offices, exhibition halls and other occasions. Its flexibility and variety allow it to meet the needs of different occasions.

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    Right Angle

    Lifting System (HK)

    The lift door can be completely turned over when opened with the lifting system without taking up extra space, which is an important advantage for places where space is limited.

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    Parallel Lifting System(HL)

    With the lifting system the door moves outward and pans when opened. The way the door opens is simple and intuitive. Users only need to gently push the door body, it can smoothly move outward, pan up.

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    Swing Up lifting System (HS)

    The contents of the cabinet can be easily lifted with the help of the lifting system, and since the door is turned upward, the risk of collision can be avoided.