• Our goal then and now is to provide best quality products.

    Helping you and your house become better acquainted.


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    Our fully equipped smart electric lifting system products will give you the space and support for your business

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    The only innovation tool you need to find, align, test and deliver your best ideas.Proven innovation methodology. Align business and innovation strategy. Easily filter ideas.

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    Every customer has an ideal expectation of the service they want to receive when they buy Kodes Product . Service quality measures how well a service is delivered, compared to customer expectations.

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    When compared to a facelift, a custom remodel can be considered a complete remodeling of all parts of your house. If you intend to stay in the house for many years and even raise kids there, then a custom remodel job is what you need.



    Today’s new normal is still incredibly new.
    The world needs innovation faster than ever before.
    KODES is making that happen, with first-of-their-kind products that are helping us adapt to our quickly changing needs.


    KODES is focused on the field of innovative smart living for homes and individuals.
    To meet today’s demand, we combine our knowledge of manufacturing precision machines and the innovative culture to launch anti-epidemic solutions.


    Smart Lifting System

    Space saving, can be retracted at any time. Gently press the door panel by hand, the door panel will automatically open upwards, and then touch the sensor switch door will automatically close.

    Electrical Side basket

    The utility model provides a foldable storage basket of an electric motor in kitchen cabinet

    OST smart Drawer Pusher

    Gently press the drawer panel by hand, the drawer panel will automatically open. Touch drawer pusher opens drawers with a gentle push. Knobs and pulls are not needed. For inset drawers only

    Smart Home control system

    Makes your life a little easier, but you can easily use it when you're connected to a smarter system. Also, it makes your home safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.
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    For All Of Your Maintenance Needs.