The core design principles of SteriliBot S2 are the light weight and being user-friendly.

We found that quality anti-epidemic products should meet these three requirements: Lightweight, versatile, and effective! SteriliBot S2 fulfilled all these principles.

Have you ever heard that UVC radiation is an effective mean for disinfection?

Have you ever heard that manufacturers are using ozone to disinfect our face masks?

Have you ever used an ionizing air purifier?

We got to know different sterilisation techniques in the past months and they are effective. At the same time, we realized that each of them has its own advantages and limitations. As a consumer, we do not want to buy so much. Also, it's hard to choose just one.

SteriliBot S2 will be your best choice.  

Sterilizing device to adopt UVCleds from South Korea.Guaranteed to  eliminate 99.9% of Germs by direct UVC-light exposure for 30 seconds.

Suitable for a smaller-scale disinfection - The disinfection mode offers a quick and  powerful solution to eliminate 99.9%  of germs just 30 minutes. 30mins eliminate  Bacteria , Virus & Odor   99.9% 



The combination of anion and ozone with a new sterilization technology, By releasing 1 million negative ions, Germs, viruses, and release trace amounts of ozone, Sterilize and kill the air and objects in the cabinet.

SteriliBOT S2

SteriliBot S2 combined with UVC radiation, negative ion ,and ozone technologies - to meet your needs for different occasions.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing industry.