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    Kodes LoT

    -Smart Drawer-


    The smart pusher is the latest development of the company, which is more powerful than the electric pusher.

  • What makes it unique

    Let me show you


    APP remote control

    The convenience of a smartphone app makes it possible to control the cabinet remotely. Through the APP software, users can easily control the on and off state of the cabinet at home from anywhere, without having to go there in person.


    Linkage central control

    On the central control display, the user can easily control the opening and closing of the cabinet. Opening and closing cabinets has become so simple and intuitive. With the touch of a button on the screen, you can achieve fine management of the cabinet.


    Smart home

    Furniture is no longer an isolated item, but a total solution that integrates intelligent technology to interact with users, self-regulate and adapt to the environment. This integration provides residents with a more personalized and intelligent living experience.

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    Decorative cover

    The color of the decorative lid is dark gray, which looks simple and durable.

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    Smart Drawer

    Item model no: BOST-1

    Product size: 218 X 46 X 57.6 mm

    Product net weight: 360g

    Rated input voltage: DC24V

    Maximum input current: 3.5A

    Cabinet width: 400-1000mm

    Cabinet depth: 400-650mm

    Launched maximum load: 35kg

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    Bi-Fold LiftingSystem (HF)

    The upturning folding door with lifting system is not only suitable for the kitchen, balcony and other Spaces of the family house, but also widely used in commercial places, offices, exhibition halls and other occasions. Its flexibility and variety allow it to meet the needs of different occasions.

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    Right Angle

    Lifting System (HK)

    The lift door can be completely turned over when opened with the lifting system without taking up extra space, which is an important advantage for places where space is limited.

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    Parallel Lifting System(HL)

    With the lifting system the door moves outward and pans when opened. The way the door opens is simple and intuitive. Users only need to gently push the door body, it can smoothly move outward, pan up.

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    Swing Up lifting System (HS)

    The contents of the cabinet can be easily lifted with the help of the lifting system, and since the door is turned upward, the risk of collision can be avoided.