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We stay in motion to move forward ideas.

Our focus is not on assessing feasibility, but on creating benefits for you. Because it is not about our ideas. It is about enabling yours. We work together with you. We rack our brains to develop and pioneer the future. And deliver solutions that best meet your needs. Let’s talk together – about new ideas and solutions for a better quality of living.

IoT function

The Internet of Things (IoT) is what the world needs in the future. KODES has introduced the IoT Intelligent System for its electric cabinet door products to open up more possibilities in the future and bring more convenience to your life.


Remote start

Allows you to open the cabinet door where you are


Remote lock

Protect your belongings even if you are far away


Smart search

Provide the location of items in real time under any circumstances


Voice control

Allows you to give various commands directly through language

Convenience made easy 

Perfect furniture should look good, be practical and last a long time. KODES helps you translate your ideas into top quality solutions from day one so that your customers get the quality of living they need. Let's work together to create a better quality of living.

How do we jointly shape the trends of the future?

Every trend is an opportunity to be one of the first in the market. Blum is keen to support its partners every step of the way. With innovative products that create real added value and with services that facilitate your processes.

Your  KODES Quality

No matter whether you sell, incorporate, install or use our fittings on a daily basis - you have your own definition of quality. KODES quality is tailored to your needs, for our concept of quality is comprehensive: every touch point with Blum should offer benefits. For everyone, ranging from furniture manufacturers to end users year in, year out.

Product quality

As a manufacturer of fittings, we do a great deal to ensure that our products inspire users a furniture lifetime: we do research, conduct tests and carry out ongoing optimisations. For us, product quality is not just about design and function. Our fittings suit a wide range of applications and can be assembled and installed with utmost precision. To exceed customers’ expectations.

Individual design meets supreme user convenience

KODES for handle-less furniture

Minimalist looks put the spotlight on the functionality of furniture. Four motion technologies for lift systems, doors and pull-outs open up infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture. Inspire your customers with sleek design and enhanced user convenience.

Handle-Less Designs - for Easy

Handle-less furniture is very much in vogue. We’d like to help you meet this trend with inspiring new ideas. Discover the many options you have to create your own unique handle-less designs - for easy implementation and enhanced user convenience.

Three applications

Our fittings allow you to design lift systems, doors and pull-outs to suit individual requirements and equip all three applications with enhanced user convenience - in kitchens and throughout the home. Handle-less applications can be implemented with ease thanks to our motion technologies.

Four motion technologies

Handle-less furniture can be equipped with KODESMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON KODES MOTION and TIP-ON to deliver the level of convenience desired. Whether electrical or mechanical, our range offers the right solution for a wide range of applications.

KODES Infinite possibilities 

KODES motion technologies support the design of handle-less lift systems, doors and pull-outs. Whether electrical, mechanical or a combination of both, KODES offers the right solution for every living area.

Convenient adjustment features produce a harmonious overall look. Many components can be assembled without tools. Precise and lasting gap alignment can be achieved in no time.

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